The Amateur Prepper’s Pocket Guide series

Welcome to The Amateur Prepper’s Pocket Guide series. If you are looking for an exhaustive guide to every possible bit of knowledge or suggestion…you are, sadly, in the wrong place. These guides are intentionally "short, sweet and to the point." They are not filled with lots of technical jargon, yet they still carry a lot of practical information. These books are geared for the “normal” people. If you are neither a hardcore Doomsdayer with a bugout location full of water, food and guns, nor a live-off-the land Survivalist practicing primitive survival skills, then this book is probably for you. You might live in an area where natural disasters are occurring more frequently; or the economy might be prompting you to be more proactive in planning against future downturns. Maybe the last week-long power outage caused you to realize that you need to have a plan in place before the next big storm rolls through. Whatever your personal situation might be, this book will help you take the first step: Creating an Emergency Plan.