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Why everyone should have an Emergency Plan

So you don't believe everyone needs an Emergency Plan? Read this article to find out Why Everyone should have an Emergency Plan.

What's new on the web...Articles and Gear to help you be more prepared"

2016-04-14 So I stumbled across a website that has some really cool, wallet card EDC gear. My gear Wish List just got longer. Check out this gear page and yours probably will too:

2016-04-12 Packing lists abound for those getting ready to head out into the wilderness for some "rest and relaxation," and they are often just a relisting of the same items. This one caught my eye because I learned something that I hadn't run across previously. So, before you finish packing your survival pack, you should check out GroomAndStyle.com's list of 30 Things to Include in Your Wilderness Survival Pack. While you're reading, check out item #20 - Potassium Permanganate." You may already know what it is and what it does, but I didn't!

2016-03-31 Are you thinking about living off-grid? There are lots of things that must be considered when planning such a lifestyle change (slight understatement, right?). I was just introduced to a well-written article on Ammo.com, entitled Living Off-Grid: A Guide to Self-Sufficiency". I'd recommend taking a few minutes to read it today, while it's frsh on your mind!

Another good article from the same site is one on Wilderness Survival. Sure, none of us plan on having an emergency whiile we're out in the woods...or in a bug out scenario...but it's still important to know what to do--so you can help "the other guy", right? So check out Ammo.com's Wilderness Survival Guide: How To Stay Alive if Lost, Hurt or Stranded" so you can survive a wilderness emergency. In fact, just Click Here for a list of all Ammo.com's Disaster Preparedness articles

Podcast Interview as a guest speaker on

I had the honor of being the guest speaker on author, speaker and survivalist expert Mark Goodwin's podcast. Listeners had an opportunity to hear about my book as well as getting tips on building a Bug Out Bag (referred to as a Go-Bag in my book). You can listen to the podcast here.